summer is here.

Hello bloggers. Summer is here. I am keeping up with my project 365. Check it out on fb. It was too difficult to post here. Lots of new news since I have posted last. I will sum it up as best I can. My first niece Lilliana was born!!!! Michael and I went to Charlotte to meet her. We get to see her again this weekend! My in laws bought a house in Charlotte! They close mid August. Goodbye Penniman Ave. School is out for summer and I am so excited about my well needed and well deserved break. I will miss my buddy, Amy next year though. She will LOVE Ecuador though and be such a wonderful teacher there. Autumn will be a wonderful teacher in Greensboro, even though she is an hour and a half away from me now, and Michelle too is leaving me for Brier Creek. RC will be different next year. :(
Daddy had surgery on his rotator cuff. He is recovering well and everyone is working hard to help him and take care of him. He cannot use his right arm AT ALL for 6 weeks. If you know my dad, you know this is close to impossible. He never stops! He offered to cook 400 hot dogs for the 1st grade end-of-year cookout. Thankfully my sweet hubby, mom and father in law were able to help. It was a huge success and I will really miss my kiddos from this year! On the last teacher workday, Kendra, Tracy and I took the Shelby with the top down out to lunch. What an adventure that was. We had a blast! It was the scene from clueless ALL over again. Kendra says we should make a movie and call it "two white girls and a black girl." I truly love the ladies (and men) that I work with. It makes our job so much better!
So far since I have been out for almost a week, I have had my hair bleached (not on purpose! and since fixed with a toner...) began painting again and spent some time re-decorating/ organizing the house. My sweet hubby is working hard and wont be able to join me as much at the beach this summer, but we will both be back and forth this year. He is doing such a wonderful job and I am so proud of him. All I hear from everyone is how awesome he is and how he learns so quickly. He truly has been a lifesaver while daddy has been "out of commission." We met our awesome new neighbors, Seth and Ashley. They are both teachers too! So, we will have some fabulous friends to hang out with this summer too!
Emalyn came to town and she, Matt, Jennifer and Elizabeth came over to swim on Monday. She is getting so big! Yesterday, Mom and I started our day with a mani and pedi. Then I rode with her to another appt. in Garner. After her appt, we spent the entire day at Crabtree Mall. As a thank you for cleaning the pool house and helping take care of daddy since his surgery, she bought me the most gorgeous dress to wear to the 50th anniversary celebration of Dominos in Las Vegas. It is navy, white and red from the White House, Black Market. This morning, Mom, Dad, Michael and I all went for coffee at Bean Traders and then we went to the mall. In an attempt to keep daddy occupied while mom was busy, I took him into Apple to check out the iPad. Wellll- he got one! I bought him the case for his father's day present. It is SO cool. I would love to get one after the summer is over.
Tonight, my husband and I ate a frozen pizza for dinner and popped open a mini bottle of Korbel to toast to the summer. Now we are sitting on the couches with our lap tops and watching tv. So eventful! Haha. I hope to keep this more updated. Goodbye for now!



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