lovin' island time

It was a beautiful morning here on the island. Peaceful and sunny. It was not as humid today but definitely a scorcher! We played with Lilly this morning. She slept on my chest for a while. Then, Michael and I spent some time together on the dock. He fished, I got some sunshine and played in the water. There is a pretty rough storm headed our way now. It will blow over, as they always do. I just hope my father in law can get his plane to Hampstead or Wilmington safely. Those clouds look mighty nasty. Tonight we are cooking
for fathers day. My uncle came down last night and
Michael got here earrrrrrrrrrly this morning (5am). I am so glad he gets to spend the day down here with me. I am such a lucky girl. Tonight Mom is cooking for the Soignets, Bakers and our family for father's day! I am so thankful to have an amazing father and papa and father in law. Back on island time, waiting for the clouds to go away. Time for day 3 of a 1.5 mile run. I know it's not far, but its a mile and a half more than I would normally be exercising!
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