I am trying to find a pair of cute red pumps to wear with my awesome new dress for Vegas. (picture to the left) Instead I found an awesome dress at anthropologie. (not pictured) I am the kind of shopper who goes straight into the sale room. Let me just tell you- the sale room there is amazing! The dress was originally $168.00. It was marked down to $79.00 and then again to $39.00!!! I was so excited! The bottom line is, never pay full price at anthro. Almost everything (minus this super cute cardigan I have been eying for 6 months now...) goes on sale within a month! Mega sale! It makes me crazy to pay full price for something and find it mega cheaper two weeks later! Either way- I love anthropologie and if you are looking for chic, good quality clothing- you should most definitely check it out. I am lucky enough to have one a mile down the road- Michael may not consider that lucky. ;)

Unfortunately, I had to return what I thought was going to be an awesome new swim suit for the summer. It was from victoria's secret where I have several suits from. I have NEVER had to return there which is odd considering their main advertisement is what I lack. (aka- the tops! lol) The top fit, was actually flattering and i LOVED it, but the bottom was most definitely made for a stripper. Click here for stripper suit. (Does not look like a stripper suit in the picture!!!) Unfortunately, the selection they are offering this summer is for ladies with very skinny hips and not much of a butt... I chose to take the chance at target again today and finally found a suit I liked.

I have always shopped at target, but honestly they have not had much lately. I feel as if they are raising their prices as other stores with higher quality materials are lowering. I guess it is the economy, but I used to be an avid target shopper. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE target and could most likely still drop $150 in 30 minutes when I only go in for a bottle of shampoo... but I have not been browsing the clothing isles very much at all recently. Why pay $21.00 for a shirt at target that is going to shrink or tear apart after 3 wears when you can pay just the same or slightly more somewhere else. I did actually find a decent swimsuit for a decent price. Check it out. For $38.00 and full rear coverage- seeing as I spend my summers at the beach and wear swimsuits daily for an average of 10 hours- cheap[er] suits are most definitely the way to go!

I have found several cute tops and shorts at Old Navy this summer. Old Navy has never really been on my list of places to shop until recently. I feel like they have stuff sometimes and other times they have nothing... A few weeks ago, I got a super cute top for only $11.99. Actually, I got two! :)

Anyway- there wont be much more shopping for me this summer! I'll have to get a second job. lol. But I am always looking for a bargain and well designed clothes. I am in no way a designer brand "must have" kind of girl, but when you can get a great deal, I am all there!

That's all for now... Have a great day! Let go laughing!

oh yeh--- I never made it to the cute red pumps I was looking for....


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