Well bloggers, I decided to come to Durham for a couple of days to spend some time with my husband. Unfortunately he is working from open until close today- bummer. I couldn't sit still and I needed a day OUT of the sun, so I went ahead to Lowe's, bought paint and painted the guest room. I LOVE it! Waiting on the chair rail, but Michael can do that later. My arms are killing me. Guess I will be floating in the pool and doing pretty much nothing tomorrow and Wednesday before I head back to my end of the island. I love my summers! :o) I do miss my husband while I am there. Because of his work schedule, we barely get to spend any time together when I stay home anyway, AND he likes it when I am there because he doesn't make the bed. He'll be able to come down some this summer though. It just wont be on the weekends most likely and it will only be a day at a time. But who cares, it's the beach! :o) Like I said yesterday, all of this time he is working so hard in his store only makes for the better for both of us in the long run. I don't have much to write about today... I drove home from the beach, drove to Lowe's, painted... and here I sit and 8pm, starving. lol. Guess I'll find some food now-

let go laughing.


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