sad day. :(

Rest In Peace, Ben Oneal. Papa and Nanny got a dog around Christmas time. Papa has been battling with his nerves for a while now and Ben has been his everything. This morning, they took him to be fixed and when he was put down for the procedure, he didn't wake up. Papa and Nanny are devastated and I just wish I knew what I could do to help. They will be down tomorrow and I hope by seeing Coach and Ringer, Papa will fill joy and not so much hurt. I could not even imagine losing my baby boy and I don't even want to think about it...

Hello south end. I woke up this morning and got Starbucks with my sweet husband. I have spent the day on the island with family. Michael is home working hard and I hope he gets some time to spend down here as well. I helped mom get the house clean and ready for our company this weekend. I had a nice nap this evening as well. I am not a nap taker (ADHD and OCD do not usually allow it!) It was just proof that this break is most definitely needed. We had shrimp, cucumbers, potatoes, watermelon and corn bread for dinner at Cecelia and Dennis'. It was so yummy. Then we sat on the dock to watch the sun begin to set. At about 8:30 I thought it was cool enough to go for a nice jog around the island. Note to self: wait until 9:30 tomorrow night! lol. It was HUMID! Shower and bed time for me. I cannot wait to see my sweet hubby again! I can't believe he is NOT in the Marines this summer. It is weird being back to somewhat normal when he was not in the Marines. No more driving to dirty Jacksonville!!! :o)

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