happy father's day

I have the best daddy and papa anyone could ask for. I am so thankful for having them in my life. They have both taught me so much and I wouldn't be who I am today without them. I spent most of the day today with my daddy. Papa left this morning but I had a wonderful weekend with him. We laid on the beach today for hours. Michael was even able to join us for a little while. We floated in the ocean and laid out on the sand like we used to before we both had real jobs and responsibilities. It was nice. I love being here with him. Daddy, Mom, Page, Michael and I chatted for a long time. I know this is a busy busy time for him and he is working so hard. I am so thankful for the hardworking husband that I have. Many years from now, we will have our own franchise and he will be able to enjoy the time he is missing now since he is working so hard for it. It's worth it. We know it is. I am so proud of him. All I ever hear is how wonderful of a job he is doing. We are so excited about Dominos' 50th anniversary celebration this year! It is going to be a great time!

Today was the first day I took off from running since Wednesday. I am very proud of myself. Yesterday the run actually felt easy for the first time. My goal is going to be at the absolute LEAST 3 days a week but hopefully 5 days a week. I am actually beginning to enjoy running again which is what I had hoped to accomplish. I really enjoy running on the island and am interested to see how the run in Durham goes now that I am used to the flatness here. I am in desperate need of some good running shoes. I told myself I was not going to spend the money if they were going to get tossed into the back of the closet, but I think they will go to use now and I am SO happy about that. All I want back is my flat tummy and these love handles gone. Most of all, I just want to feel better and I already do even after such a short period of time. :)

My memory chip for my camera broke last night. :( I was able to use Nanny's for a few pictures but then I had to give it back. I have a feeling one of the first things I will be doin
g tomorrow is purchasing a new one! I cannot go long without my camera. We just can't have that. Anywho- I'm off to relax and get some sleep early tonight. Goodnight. Can't wait to get home to my hubby for some "us" time!

Let go laughing~

my thought for the night--

"Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart."


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