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I've always loved to run. I used to run every day in high school and even through college. I ran a lot in the winter on the treadmill and then kind of got out of my habit again for a month or so around our Vegas trip.  I got back on my feet in the last couple of months and it feels wonderful. I have run now, every day for the entire month of June. Out of the month, I have only missed about three days total and I am so proud of myself. It feels strange NOT to run when I wake up. I don't wake up and think "ugh, I don't want to do it..." I just wake up and can't wait to hit the pavement! 

For a treat- I went out and got a new pair of running shorts that I LOVE! I told M last week that I wanted some neon running clothes and these are perfect. They are even reversible! Next on my list- new running shoes. I want those in neon, too! 

It's awesome to feel back in shape. I have gotten my mile time down significantly at home-  if you knew the hills in my neighborhood, you would understand. It's rough. On the island, I can do it faster since it is flat. It's seriously one of the best parts of my day. It's an awesome feeling to feel your body improving daily. Especially in the beginning when I couldn't run a mile without stopping (sad, I know...) When I could get further each day, it was so awesome! 

Riley usually wakes up around 7:30 or 7:45. First we cuddle for a bit and then I get up and run while her daddy gets her out of her jammies and feeds her. Then he hits the gym when I get home. It's nice to be working out together (in a way...). He is so encouraging and it is wonderful!

As soon as registration opens up, were registering for our first 5K together and I cannot wait. It's in November, so hopefully I can get my distance improved by then. We're even planning to push Riley in it! 

Anywho- off to the fire department to have boogie's big girl car seat installed. I don't think I'm ready for this... :(

~let go laughing! 


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