finger food friday at the "Boogie Shack"

Each Friday on our fabulous little island, someone in our South End crew hosts "finger food friday." It started at the K house then moved on to the F house then the D house, the P house and the C house... this week it was at the Boogie Shack! Michael got up super early and decorated all by himself. I was pretty amazed at how awesome he did. He strung the lantern lights, organized the tables and pulled out the chairs.. It looked fabulous! He even hung some black plastic to cover the air conditioning and wood scraps. 

For FFF, everyone brings something to share and I tell ya- every week the goodies get more intense! This week there were several yummy specialties and I know I will leave some out, so forgive me if I don't mention what you brought! There are usually about 30 people or so... sometimes more, sometimes a few less. It's so fun to get together with everyone and not have a million things to clean up when it is over! 

Mom's specialty this week was hurricanes! She even went to a Mexican grocery store to get the exact juices that were needed for this concoction! It was pretty good and a huge hit! The whole concoction was gone by the end of the party.


hanging out before everyone arrived!

I made rice crispy treat pops. I saw the idea online for them in squares, and tried them last week.
They didn't stay on the sticks well, so I made them into pops this week and they are sooooo yummy!

Dad's concoction was an authentic recipe from our very special Jamaican friend. Jamaican jerk pork!
It was spicy, but not spicy enough for Sue! 

Jane made chocolate covered strawberries and they were SO good! 

People starting to arrive. Michael enjoying his first Friday night off in a LONG time!
He was back at work the next day, but it was nice to have him join us. :)

another shot of the hurricanes and food set up.

There was SO much food, I can't even begin to name it all- skewers, sliders, dips of all sorts and tons of sweets too! I also made a cheese ball. Wendy made a Paula Dean dessert that she called "the butter dessert" and it was yummy! Rucker brought some yummy onion dip and Cathy made some really good roll ups with cream cheese, jalapenos, mushrooms and more! There was buffalo chicken dip that Laurie made and there was so much more. It's always fun to see what people bring because it is different every week.

If you live in a close neighborhood with lots of friends, I really suggest doing this. At least in the summer time. It's always so fun to get together and this way it is at  different families houses each week. It's also fun for people like us who like to try new recipes! Last week we did adorable spinach dip in bread bowls with veggies sticks.

Yay for Finger Food Friday, y'all!

~let go laughing!


  1. this looks like so much fun! We don't live in a neighborhood like this, but I wish we did!


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