Boogies first pajama party!

Boogie had so much fun tonight with E-J-B! They have been in town for the week, visiting.  I'm so sad they moved away- but happy they are close to family now! We haven't seen them since the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, we haven't seen a whole lot of them this week either!  Even though they are staying with mom and dad! Between all of our errands, them visiting other friends and the girl's nap schedules being practically polar opposites - tonight we finally got to hang out for a little while. HOW CUTE WAS TONIGHT?!?!?! So adorable. First we went to Mexican night, which we always used to do with Heather and Jerry and baby E before RQ ever even came along! We still go every week, but it's just not the same, ya know?! Anyway- the girls sat across from each other at our regular table and they giggled and watched each other the whole meal. Two wonderful girls, I might add. Not a peep out of either of them and they stayed in their chairs the whole time, happy. It's a norm for our girl and apparently for E-J -B as well! After dinner we came home and the girls played for a bit in boogie's room- Then they took a bath together. They had so much fun. It was so adorable. (I didn't get any pictures of the naked babies for the internet... sorry. lol)

After the bath, we let the girls play until about 9. It was so fun to watch them. They really interacted and RQ crawled up to EJB and laid her little head on her lap. I melted. It was so adorable. I have some quick photos to share, because you know me and I had to pull out the camera! 

PJ party!

such sweet friends

playing together.

look at that beautiful blonde! 

girls into everything, having so much fun.

climbing up her dresser

cuddle with her mommy- it's getting close to bed time

Goodnight kisses. This was absolutely ADORABLE!

We will have to go visit them soon. I hope it isn't so long until we see them again next time. The girls are just getting comfortable together and it makes me sad to see them go. I do love that RQ has lots of friends her age around here, but I sure with they were close too! 


~let go laughing


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