the boogie shack has signage!

Our little ol' beach house finally has a name! It's officially the "boogie shack" and I LOVE it! I have almost finished the sign and I cannot wait to get down there and hang it up! I also plan to make several more wooden signs to hang in the house to go along with it as well as some for gifts! :) Up first is Randy's house warming gift. I cannot wait to get started! 

If you want one like the small one, let me know. I can see what I figure out shipping (if you're not in the RDU area), you can customize the color and wording (I can share a couple different ways I like to write the letters) and I can quote you a price! I LOVE getting back into my paint again!

two different signs I plan to attach to make one

Here is the one I made for boogie's door-

~let go laughing!


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