out with the old, in with the new

After yet another debacle at Buy Buy Baby (I really don't want to shop there anymore...) We finally have Boogie's big girl car seat!  This is the last picture of her in her graco and the first picture in her new seat! We finally went with the Britax Marathon 70. After lots of research and discussions, it was the best choice. I did find better prices on Amazon after the fact, but after shipping and such, I'm glad I got it today and was able to put it in the car and if need be, I could have returned it to a store and not online to Amazon. Plus, we got 2 (one for ma-lolo and grandy's car too!) and shipping on two would have sucked. Oh, and hers came with a cup holder and a net for holding toys and such!

The debacle all started after I spent two hours trying out seats yesterday- putting them in the car- putting RQ in and out of them and FINALLY coming to a decision. Only to get to the AWESOME Parkwood Fire Dept. this morning to find out the people who helped me obviously weren't trained well because even though they told me it was rear facing... it wasn't. Crazy since I even told them I wanted to keep her rear facing until she was two.. They even took it to my car and put it in the seat to show me how it would look. Grrr. Anyway- I went back and got the very first, original car seat I had my mind set on. Needless to say, I was treated like a queen and they put them in the car for me and gave me a discount and lots of coupons... Anyway- back to RQ!

SHE LOVES IT! Her dvd player is no longer in front of her because first of all, it scared me and second of all the awesome fireman explained why it wasn't a good idea to begin with. He put her seat in the middle and the dvd player is on the side, angled so she can see it. He also said you should never have a mirror in front of the baby. It too is on the side and angled so I can see her in it. The car seats are made to go forward into the seat if there is an accident. (Although, since in my car we used the tether straps, that isn't the case, but still...) If that happened she would slam her pretty face right into the dvd player or mirror and not the cushioned seat. He also suggested we use the seat belt and not the hooks on the car seat. He showed us how to pull it out until it tightened, strap it through and lock it. It all seems so easy and not complicated, but it is still very nice to have someone show you the how and why. We had them both installed- mine and ma-lolo and grandy's- Anyone selling one that is used and hasn't been wrecked, we would love to know, because we still need one for daddy's car. She has maybe ridden in it 3 times though, so we aren't in a huge hurry for that one.

The good news is that this seat will rear face her until 2 and then front face her up to 70 lbs. I think it will last us a LONG time. :)

Laundry time while boogie is still sleeping.


~let go laughing!


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