Happy Father's Day

This was M's first father's day with RQ out of the belly. I wanted to make it special and from the heart. We all know I am into photography and take a gazillion photos of boogie every day! I saw an idea a long long time ago (maybe on pinterest? idk) and I wanted to do it for him. I bought a "D" and an "A" from Michael's Craft Store and took pictures of her holding both. Then I picked my favorites, printed them and put them in a frame with three slots to spell "DAD." He loved it! 

RQ spelling DAD for her daddy
I also made him a hand print paper weight for his desk at the office. It turned out super cute and he loved it too!

He spent a couple of days with us on the island to celebrate Father's Day a little early since he would have to work the weekend and we went to feed the fish on a rainy day. :) It was the first time the three of us have gone away on our own and it was nice and relaxing. (and only a day and a half before ma-lolo and grandy joined us. lol)

feeding the fishies with her daddy

Had to share this photo of boogie in her new ride. She just loves it.

Here is RQ giving Grandy some Father's Day morning cuddles before we
 left the island to head home to her daddy. 

We came back to durham for Riley to see her daddy for Father's Day and we had dinner with Nanny and Papa at Maggiano's. It was so yummy! I'd say it was a pretty perfect Father's Day and even though RQ didn't technically wake up at home with Daddy, she got to spend a lot of time with him when we got home early that afternoon. 

And here are the photos we did for Grandy, Papa and Pawpaw! These were all interesting to take. She wanted to eat the paper and by the end of the takes, she had eaten some of each. LOL

If you know my dad, you know how much he loves Chevy Chase. "You serious, Clark?" is from Christmas Vacation and the cheese prices is in reference to Domnino's. :) We had this one blown up to an 8x10 and it's hanging under his signed poster of Chevy himself! 

Happy Father's Day, daddies! 

~let go laughing!


  1. I love the DAD letters! I'm going to have to re-create that! I might need a MOM one too! : )


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