12 weeks old -pink toenails and all

I think it is safe to say that Riley is no longer getting up for a bottle around the 5-6am point. She is usually falling asleep around 8:30 with me or her daddy...we don't usually put her in her crib at this point. She usually stays in our arms, in the bjorn, or on the play mat... Then around 10 she has her last bottle and sleeps until 8 or 9am. It is pretty awesome. She has always been a good sleeper and was technically sleeping through the night around 3-4 weeks, giving us 7 hour stretches. Only back then, they were from about 7pm - 2am, have a bottle and go back to sleep and then go 3 hour stretches from there out. So yeh, not so perfect STTN timing, but still awesome! Around 6 weeks she started going from about 10-5 and then having another bottle and staying asleep until 9:30 or so. We have been so fortunate.

For all the negative nancy's that said "you'll never sleep again." Thanks for that advice. ;) Oh and sure... I need to "just wait..." until she has a tooth (... she already is teething and all is good so far... just some drool!), just wait... until she is 2, until she can walk, etc...

Guess what... I don't care because I love her and I created her and I savor EVERY moment I have with her. Even if it is at 4am. I know I have posted about this before, but I hated all the negativity when I was pregnant and even now. I feel sorry for pregnant women who get such negative comments every time they post anything about their pregnancy... Just wait until the last week, labor, back pain, etc.

I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful pregnancy. I had zero morning sickness, very little pain, only uncomfortable to sleep for the last couple of weeks and it still wasn't awful... Sure, if I ever do have another baby, the pregnancy may be horrible. Sure my labor and delivery was long and some of it was painful, but would I change it for the world? NO! I got my Riley Quinn from it all!

So here's to all the pregnant women out there- first time moms or not. Think positive and don't listen to the BS! You never know how your baby is going to be. People thought I was crazy when they pulled the whole "just you wait, you'll never get more than 4 hours asleep again..." and I looked at them and replied... "you never know, I was a sleeper!" I was thinking positive.

And for all you moms out there who feel the need to say "just you wait." Just stop and think about how it made you feel when you were pregnant. I swear, by 9 months if one more person had said it to me, I may have had to scream... I know it is all meant in a joking way and even sometimes sincere... but, just don't do it.


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