chalk board paint = obsession

Among many crafty things... one of my obsessions in life = chalk board paint. It all started back in September when I used it on mason jars for Tai and Sean's wedding shower. I kept the can of extra paint and well... I kept finding uses for it. To which, it became an obsession. No really, I have a problem. I am considering painting a whole wall in the house, I just can't decide which one. Eventually I will use some molding and frame a section under the chair rail in Riley's room and paint a box for her to play with. I'll wait until she can at least hold the chalk though. :) I may buy a different colored chalk paint and do the wall behind my desk in the office. I think it would be a neat way to keep notes, to-do lists, etc. on. I also like the black and I am considering a re-do paint job in the office anyway considering the colors were meant for a bedroom two summers ago. Maybe something whimsical and fun that would go with a black wall and just use the black. I'm thinking a bold yellow or red... even green. Obviously, I am thinking a primary color. Oh, why did I have to be an art minor... I spend way too much money on all my little projects in life. I am considering opening an etsy site though. At this point, I think I could have plenty on it... My baby legs, chalk board frames- (maybe people would buy them?), bows (mainly just the rosettes), tutus, canvas'... who knows. It's a thought. Anyway- I would like to leave you with some of my chalk projects. Check out my fb page for more- les photography & more

~let go laughing


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