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Yes, we all know I have a MAJOR problem. I, Lauren Brittany, am a Target addict. There, I said it. Someone get me an intervention. One day this week... we went twice. In one day. And if my sweet baby girl falls asleep in the bjorn during said shopping trip- I cannot interrupt her precious nap by putting her back into the car seat. So what do I do? Browse... yes... browse. Annnnnd put one more thing and another and another in the cart. Now, I might add I am a frugal one. My mom says she never would have touched a coupon or a sale until I came along and cut them for her. She is getting pretty good about it! I am proud of her!

So, anyway- We do a lot of our grocery shopping at Target now too. That way we can pick up formula, diapers, and such when needed. The Enfamil AR formula Riley is on is $23.49 at Target and a whopping $29.98 at Harris Teeter. I do love my triple couponing trips to the teeter, but I have to admit, I have been cheating on them since Riley Q joined us.

First off, did you know Target has coupons online? I didn't for a while... but now I do. I also have an app on my phone that gives me the weekly sales, updates, coupons, etc. and allows me to make my list on the phone. LOVE IT!

Here is the link to the daily deals...

And, here is the link to the weekly deals (this is for my zip code)

Not only do I use these coupons, but Target will use their coupon and combine it with manufacture coupons. For example. If you have a coupon from Folgers and they have one on their website, you can use both!

You also have to look out for the items that you can buy to receive gift cards. This week I have gotten two $10 gift cards. With a print off coupon, I got one for Riley's new Rx at the pharmacy. All I had to do was take the coupon with a new or transfered Rx. So basically, her Rx was $10 off. Then, they had a deal with the K-cups. We all know I love my Keurig (yes, I am still on the search for a pink one!). The K-cups were on sale for $10 something and if you bought two boxes, you got a gift card. Well... why not buy 2 this week instead of one this week and one next week, right?!

I wanted to share with you some of the many many store brand items we have started to use in order to save some money as well. I have always been one to buy the store brand canned items, butter, cream cheese, bread, etc. But lately, we have gone even further... (Side note: my hubby is very picky about his peanut butter and he will eat the target brand!)

Let's start with tampons... 54 tampax - $7.49... The up and up brand are completely comparable to the Tampax brand, just slightly different shaped cardboard. No biggie- 40 up and up = $4.39. You do the math... are 14 more tampons really worth $3.10??? I don't think so!
Face moisturizer- this is a biggie for me, because it has always been something that has to be perfect or my face will break out. Well, I found it. It is comparable to the neutrogena and saves a whopping $6.50. The brand name is $9.99 and I paid $3.49 for this guy!
36 pampers are $9.49- 42 up and up are $6.29. Savings= $3.20
Up and up wipes for sensitive skin - $13.69 for 720. Huggies wipes for sensitive skin = $12.99 for 448. Let's do some math to figure out our savings... 448 x 1.6 = 717 wipes. So, 12.99 x 1.6= $20.78. Savings = $7.09.Up and up formula. This is a tough one. Yes, I have purchased a can of this formula. But no, I have not tried it yet. It kinda freaks me out. IDK why. Likely because we have had so many issues getting what really works with Riley and even though the ingredients are 100% the same, it makes me nervous. We have also started her back on one 7 oz breast milk bottle a day which isn't a lot, but it does make a difference in how long a can of formula lasts. 7 oz times the normal 5.5 days a can gives us a whole extra day per can! Not to mention I am STOKED she can take my milk now! :) Sorry- side track there. Anyway let's compare:

Enfamil AR 22oz can- $23.49
Up and Up with added rice starches (AR) 23 oz (yes, an extra oz) - $14.89

savings = $8.60

So let's put this all together, and just by purchasing 5 things on my list that are store brand and not the "normal" brand, I have saved $28.49.

To some, that may not seem like a lot- but to a stay at home mom who likes to shop... it is definitely a save in my book! So if you have read my entire blog at this point, I hope you have learned... shop store brand! I know not all items are worth it, but these for me and my family definitely are. Some other "up and up" non-food brand items we have around here include hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes (like clorox wipes), window cleaner, trash bags, lotion... I can't think of anything else right now, but I think you get my drift. Just imagine your savings when you add the food into the mix. I know for a fact the peanut butter is around $2 cheaper.

Ok, time to stop blogging and get in bed. Off to save spend more money tomorrow!

~let go laughing!


  1. We used the up and up formula with Livy and it was fine!! Have you tried mixing some breastmilk in with each of her bottles of formula? Just curious if that would work so you could use more breastmilk? This is Joni by the way...can't get it to post my name.

  2. We tried mixing and it didn't work. She is on a thickened formula. but we are using rice cereal to thicken it now and today it worked. so we are going to try to give her one bottle a day. ive stopped pumping bc i was unsure if she would ever be able to have it again. we have about 250 oz left so she will hopefully get it all before it goes bad. If I continue to give her a 7 oz bottle each day it will last about a month or so which is good because it is only good for 3-6 months and it is already 2 months old!


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