Bucket list

I've decided to write out my bucket list. I have had it for a while and just never typed it in...iwill continue to add to it and mark off as I make it through things. Once I get to the computer to edit I will add photos.

Be a teacher
Graduate college with honors
Be a mentor to a teen in need
Be a mom
Stay home with my babies
Own a convertible
Use only reusable grocery bags
Give to the poor
Feed the homeless
Travel to another country (again)
Go on a cruise (again)
Dance in a flash mob
Swim in the pacific ocean
Own a boat (our jet ski doesn't count)
Be a room parent and be good at it
Fly an airplane
Own a home
Ice skate in central park
Go to Tahiti
Play with a real monkey
Own a dominos franchise
Swim with dolphins


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