these are a few of her favorite things...

I always wondered... what toys do I buy for her? She isn't playing with toys yet... Well, I slowly bought her random toys that I came across. I got her some for Christmas and others "just because." Ma-lolo picks some up for her here and there as do I. So, here is a list of her favorite toys at 3 months.

Her mobile is awesome- she will lay and stare and coo at it all the time. She loves it!

She has this play mat at our house. She loves to stare at the birds and lay on her belly and look in the mirror!

She's played with this guy for a while. In fact, she has two. It has a lock to set it for now and you can unlock it to let her crawl with it later. She also plays with this on her play mat. She has probably played with this toy the longest of them all. She has two!

This ball is her newest favorite. It rolls around on its own and it is so fun. It was only about $12 at target and so worth it!

She loves her glow worm. She just stares at it in the dark when we are driving at night. The issue I have with the worm is that it only plays one song at a time. That is why we got the glow seahorse... She stays lit for 5 minutes at a time!
The seahorse comes in pink and blue.

Violet is another favorite around here. She is programmable and says Riley's name, plays her favorite songs and sings songs about her! Coolest toy ever invented in my opinion. One of those "why didn't I think of that?" toys!
She has this play mat at ma-lolo and grandy's house. The bright colors always keep her intrigued. We set up her mirror and snail when she is laying on this one. Since she has been rolling, she rolls to look at the bottom on her belly and then she flips back over to stare at the things that hang.

She has this bouncer and LOVES it. Santa brought it to her and she got in it at Christmas. When the lights were moving with the songs, her eyes got huge and she followed the lights. It was adorable.
This is another toy she likes. She got it for Christmas too. It makes sounds and lights up. She has a blast hitting it.


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