Riley Quinn's Baptism

Riley was baptized today and it was an incredible ceremony. She was baptized at the church here on the island. It's a non-denominational chapel with traveling ministers. We picked a weekend with a Methodist minister since I was raised in a Methodist church and we hope to find one at home soon for our little family. Riley Quinn wore her daddy's baptism gown and it was beautiful. Pastor Jon Strother was incredible. I wish he had a church near us, because both Michael and I agreed we loved him! He is the Methodist superintendent of the Raleigh area, so he does not have his own congregation.

The ceremony was beautiful and Riley Quinn was wonderful for the whole thing. (Even though it was right at nap time!) She was baptized with water from the sound right outside of the church which is a mile away from our house. It couldn't have been any more perfect. So many of our friends and relatives were there, including both sets of grandparents, one set of great grandparents, second cousins, great uncle, uncles, God parents and sisters and the rest of our island family. It was so wonderful to know all of the support we have in raising Riley Quinn to be a good Christian girl.

After the baptism, we had homemade ice cream and finger sandwiches at mom and dad's house. We planned to do it at our house, but it was just too hot to be outside and there is more room to be inside at mom and dad's. We really appreciate everyone being a part of today and thank you for all of the well wishes from those of you who were not in town but are also helping us to raise our sweet girl.

Here are some photos from Riley Quinn's special day.

this is the bib Emalyn's mother tatted for RQ

smiling as usual

she talked, giggled and babbled for most of the ceremony...

water from the sound

Pastor Jon Strother baptizing Riley Quinn

Walking around to everyone after the water 

everyone after the ceremony

Riley Quinn's absolutely wonderful, incredible God parents

and sisters!

ma lolo, grandy, nanny and papa

My side of the family

both sets of grandparents

both sets of grandparents and Pastor Strother

the table at the house, set up for after the baptism


  1. What a wonderful and special day for Miss Riley. So wonderful to see all of the family and friends their I watch.

    1. thanks. it was so great. we are so fortunate to have such a tight knit community here.


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