my husband hates me....

Well, not really. But, I have decided we have a lot of DIY home projects coming our way. I cannot wait to get started! Ready to hear the plans?!?!?! Drum roll pleassssssssssssse....

We are making Riley Quinn a play room! That's right- that old guest room turned office, is now turning into a play room! I don't work (Ok, I tutor, but I don't need an office for that...) and Michael has an office out of the home. Although, we do need a desk for my computer/ sewing machine. So guess what that means... not just ONE home improvement/ makeover- but two!

Are you ready to see my mood boards thanks to google images- (I would have searched pinterest, but it stresses me out for big projects.) I'm sure these projects will take a while since our budget is well... zero. Ok, whatever we can get out of selling the desk, maybe? haha.

We are going to turn our front coat closet into my office/sewing room home. :) Nanny turned her closet into a wine bar a long time ago and I got the idea- I have finally talked M into it and I am so excited! 

We really only need a desk space and room for a filing cabinet and some shelves. We will have to wire it for an outlet and I'm thinking maybe a small DIY chandelier of some sort for the light! I doubt we will paint it anytime soon, but one day it will get the full feel of the first picture. (we hope...)

M laughs, because I am already starting him on this project before our laundry room even has the shelves we have been planning for a year now, but that's OK. Gotta take baby steps and do what we can afford as we go. I'm sure it will all finally be finished when we get to the point we are ready to re-model and add on. To me, that's the fun of owning an old home. I love it! We have done SO much to our house and I just love doing more and more. 

For the playroom- I have tons and tons of huge pillows that were in my old classroom. Can those be dry cleaned? I want to make some cute pillow cases for them. I'm going to paint the walls and we may or may not get a slip cover for the love seat and leave it in there. One wall will either have big circles, chevrons or stripes and the other three walls will be solid. I kind of want to do pink walls. I figure if we have another baby at all, it will be another 3-4 years (at least that is what we I want.) At that point we will turn it into a nursery if we haven't added on yet, so it really can be all Riley's for now. And don't forget monograms! I plan to paint a huge rSq on the wall too! Oh, so many ideas running through my crazy mind right now. I basically want something big and spacious where we can all hang out and not worry if RQ will get hurt on the fireplace or other things. We know she will eventually have a kitchen set or a mini castle of some sort, so why let it take over the whole living room (like it is now...)?! I'm thinking of doing a hoola-hoop castle out of sheets and tulle for a corner too. With lots of pillows and books in it. Little L and W who I used to babysit had an adorable one and I loved watching them play in it! We're even thinking about making one at Gigi and Pawpaws beach house for RQ and her cousins to play in together. 

Anywho- time to stop my brain for a little while. Feel free to send playroom ideas our way! I can't wait! I'm so glad hubby finally said YES!!!!


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