happy birthday America

happiest baby i've ever known. no. really.
Enjoying the holiday. Ready for the party. Quick photo bomb- No worries- there will be A LOT more after the parade and party. :) This year instead of karaoke- we have a MAGICIAN!!!! Then, RQ's baptism is Saturday.

this is how we get ready for a party with 200 people. :) the night before

RQ LOVES the beach. (no surprise, she's her momma's girl!)
daddy's girl

walking with nanny
the boogie shack is ready for the 4th of July

my perfect family.
another one of her million America outfits for the week

who doesn't love a nap on the beach?

sometimes we play in the pool and not on the beach. :) sometimes, we take the pool TO the beach. lol

And yes, for those of you wondering- I am on day 18 straight of running and I have upped my distance by a half mile! I feel great and cannot wait for my 5K in November!


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