my first 5K

So, anyone who reads my blog somewhat frequently, knows I consider myself a runner. In middle school, I played softball and the track coach wanted me on the team... I stayed on the softball team and in hindsight, if you knew my softball team... I should have run track. We might have won one game the two years I played. Go Vikings! (Insert sarcastic eye roll here.) Anyway- I have always loved to run and wanted to do a 5K since before I ever even got pregnant. The time has finally come and last month, Michael, Autumn and I all registered for our very first 5K! Did I mention this sweet face and her little buddy Miss E are both joining us in their joggers?! 

yep- she's stoked too! 

I've been training hard and running pretty much every day for two months now. I took today off and possibly a couple more soon per advice from some friends of mine who said my body needed some rest. I felt like poop for not running today and to motivate myself, mom and I went into Finish-Line to exchange her new running shoes and she got me this little gem! "I'm sexy and I know it..." No but really, I love this shirt and I might just wear it every day. I'm feeling SO good since I have started working out for real this time and not just for a month or three weeks. I have the motivation and even though the scale may not be moving down, I feel fantastic. Although I enjoy running daily, I have read that it is not the best for me and with a bum knee and hip already, I don't want to overdo it. I may start an on three, off 1 or on four, off one routine. Or on 7 off 2... Any advice on that? Once I start tutoring again, I probably wont go 1 or 2 of those mornings, but we will see... I plan to do my island runs well into November for sure! 

I am so excited for November! I have wanted to do this run since I saw a friend from HS do it last year. It just looked like so much fun. I was waiting and waiting and waiting for registration to pop up and it finally did. It sold out quick too! I am so thankful we got registered on the first day! I was in the car when I got the call from Autumn saying it was up and I immediately got on and signed us all up and payed our dues! Dude! Tell me this doesn't look like the most awesome fun ever?!?!?!?!?!

The best part is that boogie will be going with me!!!!

I got my shoes this week too! I went back to for a couple of days to grab the jogging stroller, drop daddy-o back off to get back to hard work after his vacation and to get me some new running shoes since I am in it for the long haul now! I love these babies and let me tell you, they feel awesome. I first bought the grey because they didn't have the pink ones I wanted. I couldn't decide so I drove across town to try on a pair of pink ones and I didn't like them as much. I went BACK to the first store where the AMAZING salesperson (Finish Line at Southpoint) found the original ones I wanted in my size after all. He felt so bad, but was so super that it didn't matter. (Today when we went back to exchange moms, not only did he remember me and what size I bought for mom... he asked where Riley was?! He called her by name... now THAT is customer service!)

Anyway- I liked the pink like woah, but I really liked these and since I told Michael the day I started running that I wanted neon running shoes and shorts... I had to get these. Plus, I think they will totally match all of my running clothes. Did I mention they weigh about as much as a paper towel?! They're awesome. Period. I even got some neon socks to go with them. Pink, orange and green! I cannot wait to run in these babies on the flat island. I swear just those two days running back in kicked my butt. Our neighborhood has zero flat roads! 

Time to hit the hay so I can get up and hit the pavement in the morning! 

~let go laughing! 


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