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We got started on operation playroom today! RQ and I needed to come home for a few days to be with daddy. She (and I) was missing him a lot! I cleaned out the closet that we're doing a built in desk in yesterday as soon as we got home. Today after story time, RQ napped while I cleaned out my huge desk and moved all the "stuff" we needed (printer, lamp, files, etc.) into the closet until we can get a light and an outlet put in. Then we will build the desk and add a few more shelves! 

Michael and I got that HUGE desk out of the house and into the truck all by ourselves. Be proud. For real- it was heavy. I immediately gathered all of her toys and put them in there. It has a long way to go, but it's a start. 

here is the closet we are turning into an office. I can't believe it was so easy to clean out. I was shocked! 

here is the reason we needed a playroom ;)

 Lots of plans ahead for the room! Paint, cushion covers, curtains, canopy/tent and more. This was the first picture I took when she woke up from her nap. 

this is the first phase of operation playroom :)

Here is a better view-

Plans so far:
  • replace blue paint with green to match the scheme of her room now. 
  • large pink stripe around the center of the room. thicker than the yellow stripe- almost from the yellow stripe to the bottom of the window.
  • leaving the bottom beige 
  • chalkboard paint wall
  • take down/ relocate diplomas and Marine corps things
  • gallery mounts for her artwork 
  • green fabric with small white polka dots to cover pillows and do curtains
  • couch cover (eventually want a futon or pull out sofa)
  • new foam mats to cover the floor (pink and green)
  • and oh so much more! 
It is nowhere close to what I want the final product to look like and I think it even looks better now that I have somewhat organized it after RQ went to bed, but it just feels nice to have all of most of her toys in a central location and a place where we can sit and play and I don't have to constantly re-direct her away from the fireplace or electronics... I'm so excited to sit and play with her tomorrow morning while we watch Kelly! :)

this is our living room back to normal! 

and this was story time this morning with the three red heads :)

goodnight- let go laughing~


  1. I wish we had a playroom. Quinn's toys are everywhere!


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