surprise ultrasound / names/ rooms

sucking his/her thumb
baby legs! (still don't know the gender- dr. swears its not a penis)
our beautiful little bean and his/her button nose!
"let's see what it looks like in 4D at this age" -ultrasound tech

Today was SUCH an amazing day. We went for my routine 15 minute "measure your belly, hear the heartbeat" visit. I told the dr. about the cramps I was continuing to have in my left side. They check it by hand last time and didn't think anything was wrong but still couldn't explain the pains. I still have them off and on about every other day or so. I mentioned it and they wanted to take a peak. I was A-OK with that! They took me to the ultrasound room at about 10:00am. She first looked at the baby and let me see it. The big tv wasn't hooked up because it is a brand new machine. Michael got to see a whole lot more than me. It was torture when Michael and the tech would go "oooh!" and I missed whatever they saw. But she would tilt her screen for me to see often. She checked both ovaries and the placenta and all that jaz.... everything looked great. The baby is measuring 13 weeks and 3 days at 3.3 inches long! I am at 12 weeks and 3 days, so we have a big baby on our hands so far! The FHR was 164 bpm. It was a beautiful sound. After she checked and saw that everything looked normal and the pains could be caused by a number of things ranging from constipation to round ligament to stretching pains... she asked if she could play around for a bit to practice with the new machine. OF COURSE! We got to watch the baby flip, turn, stretch, suck its thumb, rub its eyes... OH MY GOSH! It was AMAZING!!! She couldn't tell just yet what we have in there, but we didn't even care. Earlier in the ultrasound I asked her if this was they did 4D ultrasounds there... Well, good thing I asked... She looked at the clock and said "I don't have another patient until 10:30- let's see what a baby at this stage looks like in 4D! OMG- It was beyond incredible. Once again, Michael and the tech saw a lot more than I did, but at this time I was practically sitting up in the chair and bending over to see her screen. INCREDIBLE! We thought we saw a penis between the legs and the when we showed it to the dr. she laughed. "If that was a penis, it would be one sad excuse of one." was her response. Hilarious. But kinda made me feel like it's a girl... we have until May 13th before we know! I am SO excited to start shopping. I think we have decided for real on the name now. We both like Riley for a girl and for a boy. We have been calling it Riley and think its name is just that... Riley Olivia or Riley Michael. We are pretty much 99.9% sure we will keep if for the girl and about 85% on the boy. Still tossing Liam around as well.

The nursery is being painted tomorrow. I will likely be at the beach when it gets finished, but I will have Michael take some pictures. We have big plans for the old guest room too. We are taking the bed and dresser out and turning that room into an office/guest room. We rarely have overnight guests to begin with... So we are taking the bed and dresser to storage and putting the love seat in there. We will be purchasing an air mattress and ottoman for now. The air mattress will go inside of the ottoman so it is easy to get to if and when we do have guests. Eventually we would like to put a sleeper sofa in there to be more readily available, but for now this will do. We will also have the desk and tv/ xbox in that room and maybe even have room for my treadmill again! (yay to lose the baby pounds!) Without the bed, there will be room eventually for more toys and play area for Riley. We were both getting a bit sad about losing our office and extra tv room... i love to lounge on the love seat and watch tv and I eat my breakfast at the computer while watching boy meets world. Hello routine, you must stay somewhat the same in my life! :)

We couldn't be more thrilled about all of the changes in our lives right now! It doesn't get much better than this! I can't wait to see the new "office" when it gets finished and then to get started on the nursery! YAY!!! :)

Happy Monday to all!

~let go laughing!


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