baby bump and weight gain

I am 13 weeks and 4 days tomorrow. I feel HUGE! The bean was measuring a week ahead last Monday and according to the scale this morning, I have only gained 7 lbs so far. That is only 2 lbs more than the average "5 lbs" for the first trimester... I started at 122 and I am 5 foot 7 (although now they say 5-6 and a half. lol) Is 5 lbs really a reasonable average. I have had ZERO morning sickness and throwing up, so I would imagine I would have gained more than the normal m/s candidate, right? I feel like my belly already has a serious baby bump that just popped up in the last week. IS THIS NORMAL? I'm not eating bad... I eat tons of fruits and veggies. ahhhh! help.

13 weeks 1 day
13 weeks and 3 days (after dinner, lol)


  1. Just are NOT huge!! haha! Don't worry about the weight gain "norms". They are different for everyone and as long as you are eating healthy and drinking a lot of water, you wont need to worry! I think I gained the "norm" until my last trimester when I retained a lot of water weight and from being 11 days late (I wouldn't recommend that, lol) The reason you are showing so fast is because you didn't have much to start with in between baby and outside of your belly( a good thing :) ). Also, since baby is growing so fast, you will see changes what seems like overnight sometimes. Yes kinda freaky, but it will slow down. I remember waking up some mornings and looking in the mirror like "wow I popped over night!" Sounds like youve had a wonderful pregnancy so far and Im sure that will continue! :)

  2. lauren, don't worry about the weight. you have to gain weight to grow a baby, and the only people i know who actually gained "the right amount" according to those baby books were already overweight to start with or on their second baby. i have friends (who were skinny before and are skinny now) who gained literally 77 lbs, and they and their babies are healthy (and they lost it afterwards). just eat healthy, exercise, and enjoy it as much as you can, and let the doctors worry about silly things like weight. if you gain 20 lbs in 5 days, go to the doctor, but other than that, you're probably fine.

  3. She is right, I gained 45 pounds but most of that was a big baby and water weight b/c i was so i lost it all really fast except the last 15 or so pounds. You will loose it fast, dont worry!


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