paint colors and tornadoes

We got up early and put the dogs in the car for a morning "calm before the storm" trip to the coffee shop. We got our coffee (my decaf latte, of course) and bagels and sat outside on the patio of bean traders with our doggies. We knew the weather was supposed to be bad today and we didn't want to leave the pups at home in case we didn't get back in time to give Ringer boy his doggy pills for anxiety. After coffee, we brought the dogs home and decided to run real fast to the paint store...

We bought the paint for the nursery. It will be painted sometime next week. I am so excited! We got a brown for the bottom and a beige for the top and we will be putting a white chair rail. We will later accent with pinks or blues when we know what we are having. We went to Sherwin
Williams and picked out the colors we liked. At $45 a gallon we decided a big negative on that idea! We took the colors to Lowes and they matched them with their machine and we got both gallons for $50.00 even with our military discount!

We rented two red boxes (Due Date and Social Network) to watch this afternoon. But while making our tomato soup and grilled cheeses, I was listening to Hannah Montana on ABC and the weather man broke in and scared me. I HATE tornadoes. They have put us under a tornado watch right now and we are at HIGH risk for tornadoes. We have not been under high risk since March of 1984. Let's think about March of 1984... Mom was just about the same amount pregnant with me as I am right now! CRAZY! I have always been very afraid of a tornado tearing through my home. Nanny got me a weather radio a few years ago to help ease my fear of sleeping through a warning and I LOVE it.
They are saying these storms are going so fast (about 60 mph!) so you need to be prepared. We have a plan... a bag is packed with flashlights, a couple of snacks and a bottle of water and the dogs anxiety pills. We will be going quickly next door into the garage closet under the stairs. There is no light in it (hence the flashlights). It is probably not super safe to go outside, but we don't really have a super safe place here at home when they are this bad. Alamance, Orange, Durham and Wake are about to go under a sever thunderstorm warning in the next 30 minutes. They are saying winds up to 80 mph. Maybe once they put us under the thunderstorm warning, we will head that way... oh crap- they just put Alamance under the warning. It is getting closer. I think I will stop blogging now and head on over.

Yes, I am a baby when it comes to potential tornadoes. At least it will be in and out in about an hour once it gets here... minus the tornado warning until 9pm. :(

yikes! Bye bye for now! I will post pictures of the paint later! :)

I do not get it, but God was watching out for us. Somehow or another, the line of storms stretched across the state north to south missed us... they went from chatham and guilford to wake and missed us. We got a couple rumbles of thunder and a few sprinkles. Parts of our driveway are still dry. Praying for those in Raleigh right now.

thank you, God.


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