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So here it is Saturday morning. We are 10 weeks in... 1/4 of the way through the pregnancy! So far it has been incredible. Only issue I have had is a little constipation (sorry. TMI) and my pants are not buttoning in the afternoons. haha. The only "issue" we are having is coming up with names. We only have 30 weeks left. This is a LIFE decision. What if we hate the name in three years... you can't just change it. We have to come up with something we really see ourself making our "family." I am really set on Riley Olivia for a girl. I think just because it sounds southern to me and personally, I like the long 'i' sound in a name. I can see myself saying "come here Riley" or "goodnight, Riley." Also, I always liked the name Miley, but didn't want to name her "after" Miley Cyrus because I feel like everyone would always say that was who she was named after, even though she wasn't. Although I still love Quinn and some of the many other names we have discussed like Harper, I can really hear us calling our little girl Riley. I do love Harper... but can you hear me saying "goodnight, Harper." For some reason it just sounds different. For the boy name, I really think Liam Michael is our choice. I don't think I will ever talk Michael into Beckham and Hayden is out because I feel like it is such a "fad" right now. Not Hayden itself but just the hole -ayden ending. Don't get me wrong, I still love the name, it just isn't really what I am going for. And... that is my only concern with Liam, because I feel like it is becoming more popular with this generation and I don't want him to forever be called Liam S. like I was Lauren E. in every grade-school class. This is seriously one of the most difficult decisions ever! We may never decide until delivery day! (praying that isn't the case because this child is going to have a quite extensive embroidered wardrobe! Cannot wait for Heidi to teach me to sew and I will be making some awesome onesies!!!)

We have 5 more weeks before we are scheduling our 3-d ultrasound at prenatal peek. My dr. wont do it until 20 or 21 weeks because it isn't "medically necessary" until then. Anyone who knows me, knows I can't wait that long! My good friend Heidi went to this place at 15 weeks to find out Dillon was a boy!!! She loved it and said I would too! We cannot wait. I plan to make my
appointment soon.

I will stop blabbering now and get ready to head to the home and garden show... shouldn't we be cleaning out this office to get it ready for baby? Probably... lol. Maybe we will start tackling that soon.

Here is the look we are going for if it is a girl:

and this is what we will model the room after if it is a boy: (The picture is over the ceiling. We are going sail boat/ nautical)

I think we will use the same browns from the girl nursery to do the boy nursery and accent with light pinks or blues. My only other "idea" for the room is that we will be taking off the closet door and hanging a curtain rod with a curtain in the doorway. This way we will save room in the room without having to worry about the door opening onto a wall. :)

Happy weekend fellow bloggers!

~let go laughing!!!


  1. Love, love, love those names!!! You are right about the boy names ending in ayden...Evan would remind me to think of them as a 50 year old with the name you pick and make sure they would still like it, lol. Can't wait to teach you how to sew, lets make a sewing date soon!! :)

  2. ps-i added you to my blog roll on my blog! :)


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