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So I have given you our inspirational photos for the boy and girl nursery so far... (found in this post). Yesterday we went to the home and garden show and I found the PERFECT chandelier for the girls room! (Not a great picture because it was on my camera phone.) The store it was being
modeled from was called The Home Center. I also got good recommendations for Furnitureland South. I will have to try them both out. But this piece is most definitely what I am looking for if it is a girl. (*this next 5 weeks of waiting is going to kill me!) You can't tell in the picture but some of the jewels are a very light pink color. It is gorgeous! Of course if it is a boy, we will not be leaning towards the chandelier... we have other options for that!

When we got home, I got a phone call from my father in law who is building the crib for our baby. He asked me to resend him the picture of the type of crib I want and he is getting started! Here is the picture. I love the sides- they look so chic. (The crib pads and sheets will not look the same, just the woodwork.) I cannot wait to get it in the nursery and add the canopy (if it is a girl) and the sail boats (if it is a boy). It will not be completely white. It is going to be an antique white/cream washed with some of the wood showing through. (color similar to the dresser pictured below).

And our next project is looking for a dresser. I plan to use a dresser and put the pad on top for the "changing table." I want an antique/ shabby/ chic look in a dresser, similar to this posted by Kelly's Korner:

I will most likely be looking for a long dresser instead of a tall one, but this is the color/ style of the dresser as well as what the crib will be painted like. I saw one at the home show yesterday, but it wasn't for sale. FAIL. :( I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this one:

found (here) for a measly $1,700... haha- sorry little one, you will not have this dresser. lol

So... either way the baby will have a crib and a dresser/ changing table in the antique off white color- the other things will have to wait for another 5 weeks when we know if we are decorating Liam's room or Riley's room!

The walls will be a mocha look on the bottom with white chair rail and a lighter beige on top...

Bedding for Riley- very light shades of brown and pink to match the beige walls and beige canopy above the crib. Room: shabby/chic princess feel

Bedding for Liam- light blue with white stripes and maybe a few touches of burgundy to bring in the sail boat feel to the room. Room: simple and sailing

Let me know what you think! Ideas are welcome!!!

~let go laughing!


  1. how exciting for you both :) i just came across your blog and i love it! i'm a huge fan of chandeliers ha but i understand you can't have one ;) have a wonderful sunday dear! xo

  2. We don't know yet if we will have one! 5 weeks until we find out what we are having!!! :)


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