Sophie le giraffe...

you shall not escape us again!

As you may know, Sophie took a vacation to the beach last week in ma-lolo and grandy's car. I am not a fan of clipping things to RQ (not judging, just not my style), but I found a sippy cup clip that clips to the stroller or high chair so when she throws it and laughs, it doesn't hit the ground. Perfect, right?! I had this thought... SOPHIE NEEDS A LEASH!!!! So, I whipped out my sewing machine and some fun fabric and elastic and got to work. I haven't picked up a clip yet to attach to the other end, but that is definitely on tomorrow's to-do list! I already have two friends that want them. Adding these to my etsy store?!?!? Yep! Just gotta get that clip on first!

~let go laughing


  1. Lol...I know how special Sophie is to the little kiddies!!


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