new "office"

Operation turn closet into office has officially begun! 

It started off looking like this:

And our old office is now a playroom in progress. Still waiting on curtains and pillow cases, a little bit of paint on that book shelf and a futon/bed/cover on that couch/ something...

I am thrilled with the closet progress so far. To be honest, I really didn't think I wold have a home for my dying computer until the fall or later. My husband rocks! RQ and mommy went to the beach and came home to a desk! So far, that's all there is... a desk. But that's more than I expected, so I am happy! I will put my to-do list here for myself to come back to (or to send M to if I'm out of town or he needs another project to do!) 

  • cover desk with fabric and have glass cut to fit
  • cover chair with matching fabric (i'm thinking chevrons... gray and yellow)
  • paint walls (maybe i should do chevron walls and solid fabric???)
  • hang diploma
  • cork boards for side wall to hang bills, etc. on
  • move top shelf up and build another shelf for printer
  • build drawer under the desk for "junk" (paper clips, etc.)
    • OR- hang strip of wood across back or side wall and hook mason jars to it with metal hooks for the "junk"
  • have electrical outlet installed
  • organize the boxes
  • pick up my spring rods from storage to cover top shelves with curtains (soon to also match desk and chair)

I don't think I want to take the door off. I have toyed with the idea, but I think I like being able to close it off. Especially if I am editing and have lots of papers and sticky notes everywhere. So here is my mood board of sorts for what I am looking for in the next few steps of this project:

desktop - fabric or paint and cover with glass

for bills, etc

obviously not with bathroom items ;)


That's all for now. 

~let go laughing


  1. Oh wow the playroom looks amazing!

  2. I love the chevron desk top with glass. You have me thinking I want to do the same!


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