Corona Cupcakes and bye bye paci!


So, I decided it was time to say bye bye to the paci today. We started this morning and so far you can't even tell anything is different. I did have to rock her a little before I put her down for her nap, but this is the longest nap she has ever taken. I have read tons and tons of articles that say it is best to wean a baby before 6 months. I have always hated a paci anyway and didn't want to deal with it at 2 or 3 years old. I truly believe in the cold turkey approach. In doing my research as well as knowing my kiddo, if Riley doesn't go to sleep with it in her mouth, she doesn't wake up looking for it. She has always been a baby who only used it at nap time and in the car seat anyway. Even at that, she rarely kept it in. But recently, her naps have consisted of me putting the paci back in a few different times to keep her asleep. I realized though, at night... if she doesn't go down with a paci, she doesn't wake up for a paci. So... why not get rid of it right?! She woke up right at the 2 hour mark of this nap, but before I could get to her room she was back asleep... without a paci! I totally believe in this method and granted the next couple of days might not be wonderful, it will be SO much better in the long run. We are not giving in. The pacis are GONE!

Since we are going on hour 2.5 of this nap sans paci, I decided to get started on uncles birthday cupcakes! You can find the recipe here. I want to say they are SOOOOO good! I am so glad I found this recipe and I cannot wait to try the blue moon ones!

Time to get ready for the birthday celebration!

~let go laughing~


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