Boogie takes on the museum!

And it wore her out!

We had a blast today. After someone being home sick for about two weeks now I decided it was time to get out! The forecast was perfect for a Friday out so I sent Heidi a message yesterday and said we needed a play date. We picked the Museum of Life and Science! I haven't been in years! I remember we would go about every year in grade school. It's just so fun! In fact, we're going to get a year long pass! We met Heidi and D there around 10:30. We started off inside and played for a little while. There is SO much to do and we didn't even get to it all. Riley saw real owls and birds just like the ones her room is decorated with. She saw clouds and tornadoes and even a little bit of space from afar. We didn't go into the space exhibit this time. We also didn't get to ride the train because all of the rides were sold out until the 1:00 and we weren't sure if that was too close to lunch time for us or not, so we skipped it.

After we played inside, we headed out back. There was so much to do. The water machines, train car, play grounds, farm zoo, butterfly house, lemurs, bear (Ursula died and we didn't see a new one yet), the dinosaur trail... We didn't get to it all but we had so much fun walking on the beautiful trail and seeing everything. Riley loved the sail boat racing. You get to direct your own sail boat through the water. She watched D play and loved it. She even rode in his stroller for a little while since mommy is silly and thought hers was in the back of the car and... it wasn't. lol. I had the snap-n-go but I knew she would want to be facing forward to see everything. It's Ok though because she was great in the bjorne and could see everything. And when D wanted out, Riley got in.

This picture is at the sail boats. It was 80 degrees and beautiful!

This is the bear habitat. The picture does it no justice. It was beautiful.

After we had enough fun at the museum we headed to Brightleaf and had lunch outside on the patio at El Rodeo. We are going to be on TV! The were filming the WTVD 11 news commercial and we were in the background. You know, the one that says "keeping you connected" with that silly little jingle. Just watch for the El Rodeo manager to be flipping a sign in Spanish and look for us in the back! :) Riley and D were perfect while we ate. Riley sat in the big girl high chair and had some squash and her bottle. We walked back to the car to get her snap-n-go and decided to see if she would stay in it so we could take a walk downtown. I was amazed! Not only did she get in it, I am glad she did. She slept! The entire walk all the way downtown to the coffee place that had loco pops for D and then around the middle of the square downtown and back to the car. I popped her in the car and she slept all the way home! She had another bottle at 3:30 and is back in her crib napping again. I think her fun morning out wore her flat out. She had a blast. NEVER a single whimper. I am so proud of her.

Oh and on a side note: When we got home and she finally woke up in her car seat, she was scared because she couldn't see anyone. I went to pick her up and she opened her mouth to cry... there it was... her very first TOOTH! It's just the white starting to show through, but I think this is it! I am guessing this could be why she didn't nap yesterday afternoon. She wasn't fussy, just didn't sleep. Oh, and she woke up at for a bottle at 5:30am this morning. She hasn't had a bottle that early since the time change mix up junk. I guess that could be the reason. But hey, if she does this good at teething, I am A-OK with it!

Time to get to the kitchen and bake some of my good luck tar heel cookies for game time tonight! Let's go heels!

~let go laughing!


  1. That makes sense now! The tooth! yay, what a big girl!! We had a blast today with our cute little redheads, and lets go back soon and go the rest of the stuff we didn't get to do!! :) See you soon!

  2. yeh. she seems ok. a bit fussy this afternoon but it's understandable. poor girl


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