change is so good

~October 2005~

~October 2011~

~January 2012~

~March 2012~

Being a mommy is the absolute best job I have ever had. Did I think I would teach 1st grade forever? No, not really. But did I think I would quit after three years and a few months... nope. It was such a hard decision, but the BEST decision I have ever made and I thank God every day that I have the opportunity to be home with my sweet baby girl. Nothing has meant more to me. Ever. And the fact that my husband is so amazing and so supportive to want me to be home with her makes things all the better. He works so hard and I am so proud of him. He just finished his degree in business and was not only going to school full time, working full time and being a daddy, but he continued to be an incredible, supportive and wonderful husband. The love he has for me and for Riley is amazing.

I cannot believe Riley Quinn will be FIVE months old on Saturday! FIVE MONTHS!?!?!? Where has my baby girl gone. She is crawling, giggling, laughing and playing so much. She is holding her own sippy cup and loves to eat at her high chair. She even sits up in big girl high chairs now with her cute cover uncle gave us when we go out to eat! She still hates her car seat, but we are working on that one. :) I have had the best five months of my life and I can only imagine they will get better. She is my everything. I could not imagine my life without her.

I remember a specific trip to the coffee shop with Michael before Riley was born. I broke down in tears and said to him "this could be our last trip here as a family of two." "Why does that make you sad?" he replied... I didn't know how to answer that. I didn't know why in my 9 month pregnant, hormonal state why that upset me... I guess I didn't know what to expect... I wanted Riley more than anything. I was so excited to meet her. Her nursery was ready and I couldn't wait... But I just had this moment where I was scared of our relationship going bad or not having time for each other... I think it came from all the negative people telling us how life would be so different and hard...

I don't know what all the worry was for because now I couldn't imagine going to the coffee shop WITHOUT Riley! I love to take her for story time and go during the week when there aren't a lot of people there. I love to take her on Saturday mornings when it is packed. Nothing has drastically changed in our lives other than things maybe taking a little longer than before and having the BEST company we could ask for with us.

Everyone used to say "oh, your life changes forever..." and "just you wait..." Well, guess what? Our lives have changed forever and it was the BEST change I could have ever asked for. In fact, I couldn't imagine having the life I had before now.

Last night after watching the basketball game with friends at our house, my mom and dad came over. We were laying in the floor watching Riley and Mom asked Michael "what did we do before we had her in our lives?" His reply... "we were lazy." LOL

I just want to say to any soon to be moms or ladies who one day want to start a family. It is what you make it. If you want to be miserable and listen to all the negativity, go for it. But take it from this mom- I am in the best place I have ever been in my life. My child completes me and nothing could be better. I find that she has brought peace to me. I have so much patience and love for her that it is unimaginable. Yes, we were blessed with a baby who basically slept through the night as soon as she was home from the hospital. A baby who I just went and laid in her crib and she put herself to sleep for her nap at almost 5 months old and I didn't even have to do the "cry it out." Did we have our challenges? Yes. Will we have more? Yes. I am up for any challenge as long as God allows me to continue to have this little girl in my life. I pray for her safety every night. I pray that I can be the best mommy ever to my sweet baby girl. And last but not least, I thank God every night for blessing me with this amazing gift.

Please, be positive. If you have a friend who is pregnant- tell them not to listen to the negativity. I am SO glad I didn't. And even if you do have a challenge here or there, it is not the end of the world and you WILL get through it.

~let go lauging


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