Bean Traders

My happy place.... Where else can you ride your bike, walk or jog to and from on a spectacular trail?

Where else can you get your favorite iced vanilla latte in a mason jar? Where else can you run into family and friends daily, just stopping by? It's my happy place. I find joy in every stop we make there. I would say my family frequents the bean (at Homestead Market) at least 3 days a week. And that my friends, is on the low end. 

We have been going to Bean Traders for about 7 years now. Long before it was even expanded and there were only a few small tables to sit around. Long before they had quiche and luna pops... Long before the cookies and cupcakes... Did I mention they are incredible?!  The owners are spectacular and we have been able to watch their children grow up there. It reminds me of myself growing up in a Domino's Pizza store. I have babysat for their oldest and they even attended my wedding. It's so wonderful to meet locals and have our "spot" at Bean Traders. 

There are faces we see every time we are there. No one is shy and everyone talks to everyone just like family. There is a wonderful play area in the back that Riley has already become accustomed to. We have had play dates there and even attended story time with Ellen on Monday mornings. (Ok, well- we tend to miss them frequently because we are lazy...)

The weekends are the best. It's busy and full of laughter. I tend to love a crowd. Riley says "heyyyy" to everyone and everyone speaks to her. It's as if they all have had a part in raising her in some way. I just know that all of these people are wonderful. There is no judgement, no discrimination, no hate... It's the best place in Durham, if you ask me. 

I could go on and on about how wonderful it is. I look forward to Riley growing up here. I love Durham and everything about it. This is just my happy place. I love it. I hope everyone has a chance to visit Bean Traders if you are in the area. 


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