abc's of life

I am making a book for Riley Quinn for her first birthday. It's one of many presents, I'm sure- but one of my favorites. I am planning one other (well two more...) sentimental gift(s) that will technically be for her birthday but she may not get one of them until she is 20. (more on that one later...) Anyway- Here is a sneak peak of the book I am making. I cannot wait to get the cover finished tomorrow and have it sent out to order. It includes pictures from her entire year of life so far and I could not be happier with how far it has come and I absolutely cannot wait to see it hardback! Am I an elementary school teacher or what??? Our goal is to make her a new one every year until she starts school. And then maybe keep making them just for fun! :)

one of the pages ready to be ordered! I have to say it may be one of my favorite pages!

and here is one more because it is one of my favorites...
she LOVES to play "where's the baby?"

~let go laughing!


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