Labor Day Weekend

[32 weeks and 5 days]

We are spending our very last weekend away without Riley girl being with us. I am almost 33 weeks pregnant, so I will not be traveling far from home after tomorrow. It is pretty exciting and very scary at the same time! I'm still not a fan of the whole process of Riley entering the world! :) We've had a great weekend. Tyler and Andrew are here and Amanda and her bf Trip came to spend the weekend with everyone too. It's been so nice! Katelyn and Courtney and their family are down, Tai and Sean, my in-laws and most of the rest of the island crowd! It's been so great! Friday night mom had dinner ready when we got here. The traffic wasn't horrible. There was a wreck that backed up 40 right where we got on, but after that we were pretty smooth sailing. Yesterday, Michael and I started the day with an early morning bike ride in the cool [almost] fall morning weather. We spent some time on the beach with Katelyn and her family. Then we joined the crowd back at the house for lunch and corn hole. We seemed to play corn hole and hang out in the back yard until dinner time. We had our first cookout at our new place. Doug and dad cooked on the grills and there were about 30 people here. Then, we joined my in-laws to watch some football at their house with their guests. It was a super fun night! Today was awesome. Michael and I rode our bikes again to start our morning. It is still very nice and cool out at 7:30. It was lovely. Then we had breakfast at mom and dads. Blueberry pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, pecan pancakes, bacon and sausage! Then we packed everything up and were on the beach before 11. We came in at 5pm! It was a PERFECT day on the beach. I spent a lot of time in the ocean and it was nice. Tyler, Michael and Andrew kept me on the float. It was pretty entertaining to watch when a huge wave knocked me off and the three of them had to help get my big ol' pregnant belly back onto it! It was a blast though. Tonight after dinner we are making homemade ice cream and everyone on the block is joining us. Not sure what the plan for tomorrow is yet, but I am sure we will make the best out of it! It's hard to believe in a few short weeks our baby girl will be here! We cannot wait to get her down here! She's already spoiled rotten. Every time someone comes over, they bring her a present. She's one lucky little lady and I am SO in love already.

Happy Labor day y'all! No more white, ladies. ;)


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