34 weeks!

Size of baby: about 4 and 3/4 lbs and over 18 inches long (average size of a baby at this point)
How Far Along: 34 weeks !!!
What's your guess on her arrival???
Total Weight Gain: 24 lbs - didn't gain this week... the lamaze video we started last night says "weight stabilization" is a sign that she is coming soon! YIKES!
Maternity Clothes: just bought a dress to wear to sean and tai's wedding! I also got a couple of cute, long, fall tops that i will be able to wear without the baby bump too!
Gender: it's a GIRL!! Riley Quinn
Movement: still all the time. no. seriously. all. the. time.
Sleep: AMAZING this week!
What I miss: idk.
Cravings: none
Symptoms: my back has been sore in the last week as well as the top of my ribs. ready to meet my little girl!


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