5 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 5 weeks
Size of baby: The bean is the size of sesame seed!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: about a pound- but that was all vacation food! lol (123 lbs)<-- gotta get to eating better so i dont gain a pound a week!
Maternity Clothes: nope
Gender: ????
Movement: gas. lol
Sleep: I'm waking up earlier each morning to pee. this morning it was 4:30. Still falling asleep earlier but seem to be able to stay up a little later than last week.
What I miss: i'm kinda craving some sushi right now.
Cravings: sushi. lol no, but really- japanese food. im going for hibachi take out tonight! (again.)
Symptoms: less cramping- peeing more. sleepy girl.
Best Moment this week: waking up knowing i am 5 weeks.


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