a picture is worth 1000 words...

Although last week was technically the "beginning of fall" it finally felt like fall this morning. It is again 82 degress, but at least it looks like fall out! :) Last night we had a great night with some great friends. We played board games and cooked burgers on the grill. Michael actually had a Saturday night off at home. It was so nice. Liz is looking more beautiful each time I see her further into her pregnancy with baby Dylan. :) So exciting! We even have the same middle name picked out for our girl (one day). Great minds think alike! Anyway, I cannot wait to do her photoshoot when she gets a little bigger! I got camera happy today and Michael let me spend an hour in the camera store. I cannot wait to get my new camera at Christmas time. I debated on a few and finally picked out the Nikon D-5000. I love it! They even have a plan there that I can get 9 free photography classes when I buy the camera! I took out the old Cannon powershot today. It's a SX100. We have had it for about three years now and I rarely use it anymore. I spend more time with the smaller point and click Cannon powershot SD 1100. To me, it takes better and faster shots. It's getting old though and not taking as quick of shots as I would like. I'm nervous to switch to a Nikon, but I think I will love it. It has some pretty spectacular lenses that I can purchase too. Maybe one day. Some of them are like $800! But it comes with a lens that is pretty awesome all for $750. Anyway- I took some photos of the dogs this afternoon and I think we are going to blow them up and hang them in the house. Well, happy fall everyone! Tonight we are celebrating Nanny's birthday and cooking out at mom and dads house. Tyler and Andrew are still in town. Uncle, Katie, Mandy, Jordan and Summer are all coming too! I am so excited! :)

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