*** hug a teacher ***

Beginning of the year fun... Luckily I have amazing team members who have helped me delegate the work as team leader and we are working so well together. I'm such a typer (note my many bogs/ websites...) so I really do enjoy being the "go-to" for typing minutes. Oh yeh... and asking questions... and planning... All things I love. LOL- Today began at 7:45 with our PLT (aka DATA DATA DATA!!!!) And then we went on to our planning period to plan field trips, add mileage and cost, etc. I then had to call about more field trips, put in requests and get an un-official OK from our principal and AP to mention the field trips and costs to the parents at open house. The rest of my day was spent doing assessments and keeping 24 six year olds busy while doing so. I have such wonderful help this year from other people at school who are assisting with assessments and helping with duties. It has all gone very smoothly. **Who knew teachers did so much, right?! I wish everyone truly did understand. My kiddos are really "opening up" and showing their true colors. Sweet, sweet bunch, just a chatty group. That's OK- *I never got in trouble for talking in school... (*note the sarcasm). I got home this evening and went to Johnny Carino's with mom to unwind for a bit! Then she took me by bean traders to pick up my pumpkin spice blend so I can brew it here at home and not have to get up so early to stop in the mornings. :) I even got to pick up my free BT blend that I won last night as part of the 10 yr. anniversary giveaways on fb. So here I sit... just finished up my profile cards that were ready to be recorded on... watching the CMA's with my cup of pumpkin spice that I am praying doesn't keep me up all night. Big brother is next on my list!

~let go laughing!


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