saturday, 01.09.10

Just as we do most Saturday mornings, dad and i went to bean traders. By the time we went this weekend, mom was busy and Michael was already at work. It was just the two of us. Then after we came home we went to Lowe's and daddy helped me pick out a new door for the kitchen/mud room as well as the front door. I may get the front door first. I came home and was lazy for a while... then when Michael got off work he had to run some errands. I went to the grocery store and made the crab, corn chowder from one of my Rachel Ray cookbooks. I have been wanting to make it for a while now! It was SO yummy. Liz made a yummy salad and brought some cheese bread to go with it. We sat around and watched football, played yukor (sp?) which they all taught me how to play and then watched Saturday night live. (Plus the four of us took a funny trip to adam and eve, just because). :) Ringer ate Michael's sneakers and I found them in the yard at 1am. He is 9 years old and STILL loves shoes...

:o) let go laughing &heart;s


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