is everyone pregnant????

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I guess it is my age, but I feel like EVERYONE I know is either pregnant or just had a baby- let's see if I can list them

pregnant: christy, claire, meghan, emily, becca,ashia, heather...
recent baby: holly, shannon, lauren, ashley rose, crissi, kimberly...
i could probably keep going... wow.

Anyway- It was a loooooong week. Craziness at work and such. So glad I am off tomorrow. I will finally get to spend a day with my husband. Even though he will have to go into work at 4, it is better than the usual [him leaving at 4 and me getting home at 5]. I'm asleep before he gets home on nights like that... I feel like we spend more time [awake] together when he was in the Marines. lol. It's ok though- It will be worth it in the end and we knew it was going to be this way. I have 7 report cards left to do. So glad I am almost done with them! This weekend has been nice so far- late appetizers and a few drinks at Tyler's on Friday night after Michael got off late. Yesterday I stayed in bed watching movies until about 2 and then cleaned up the house a little and hung out being lazy more. Then we had dinner at Liz and Marty's and played games last night. I ran again this morning- trying to get back into that. I know I will feel so much better. I ran a mile on Friday and a little under a mile today. I can definitely feel it, which is good. I think I may try to run every other day or so just to stay healthy.

Time to update my pictures since it has been a few days- Have a great day!!!
Let go laughing.


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