9 weeks and 3 days

I feel like my belly is growing at the speed of light! HOLY MOLY! Just two days ago it was nice and normal looking... even this morning- as soon as I ate lunch... "awe, I see your belly, it's so cute!" Although I know a lot of it is bloating and the scale still said I have only gained 4 lbs (as of this morning) I am super nervous that I am gaining weight too fast but I just can't stop eating. The average weight to be gained in the first trimester for a person of my size is 5 lbs! I have the rest of this week plus two more weeks and I can only gain 1 more lb?!?!?! Not looking like it is going to happen. I guess I shouldn't stress over it because it means my bean is healthy and has plenty of room to grow in there. I am nervous about losing it when it is all over. I will be a running machine! Does anyone have any advice on what you gained your first trimester? Were you able to lose it all when the baby came? I know Lauren lost it all in like 3 weeks! (I hate you for that by the way)- I just hope I can be like her. Why I am stressing about this? It is normal to be big. I'm pregnant! Ugh. I have just NEVER been through this weight stuff before. We walked a lot this weekend and went on a short walk today. Michael is helping. I am just eating A LOT. But it also doesn't help that I did no have any morning sickness- I am NOT complaining. lol. It is awesome, I just think a lot of people maybe only gain 5 bc they barfed up so much. (gross, I know).

On a lighter note- Secret Life is FINALLY new tonight. Yes, I am a loser and at 25 years old I am excited about Secret Life of an American Teenager. I'm just praying "Riley, Liam, Harper, Beckham..." whatever you are in there does NOT turn out like these kids! Yikes! Well folks- Happy Monday!

Let go laughing!


  1. Ummm okay I gained around 10 pounds in my first trimester with Hayden! I went from 110 pounds to 175 when I gave birth! I left the hospital at 145 pounds and was down to just under 120 by the time Joey came home from deployment. I did stay stuck at 120, but I was okay with it, because I had hips :) lol!
    TRUST ME, you will be fine! Especially with as much as you like to run and are active, no worries!!!

  2. Don't worry hun! I never paid any attention to the weight "limits" during every trimester. It made me crazy in the beginning. You gain most of your weight in the first and beginning of the second trimester. Then it will taper off towards the end. The baby grows tremendously during that time and needs everything it can get!

    I started at 120 lbs when I first found out I was pregnant with Owen. At 37 weeks I was 154 lbs. I left the hospital at 140lbs. By 6 weeks PP I was at 125 and have stayed there. Those last 5 lbs don't want to leave!

  3. thanks girls. i was 122 when i found out. I am 126 now. Im glad to know it is normal. I hope I can lose it! yikes! :) congrats to both of you for losing it so quickly!


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