Day 1 - A picture of yourself with 10 FACTS

1. I was diagnosed with ADHD and also have OCD
2. I love photography and hope to have a studio one day for infant and newborn shoots- my favorite is outdoor natural light photographs.
3. I have a slight addiction to the internet (ok, not slight- super addiction) *includig blogs, facebook, email and websites. In fact, I have 2 blogs and 2 websites
4. I was an art minor my first two years of college before taking over elementary ed. full time
5. I have and always will be a TAR HEEL- through thick and thin. born and bread. c/o 2007
6. This is my third year teaching 1st grade and I cannot see myself teaching any other grade
7. I live next door to my parents and wouldn't have it any other way
8. I never knew you could love a pet like I do my baby boy, Coach. (2 yr. old Sheltie)
9. I am notorious for falling asleep during movies
10. I still sleep with my baby blanket even though it is now in about 6 pieces and shreds of it are all over our room each morning :)


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