November already?!

Wow-what a busy life being back at work. It has been a good year so far. Busy, but what a wonderful class I have. I know, I brag too much! I really cannot believe it is already November. I got some INCREDIBLE news yesterday and I cannot wait to make it public. (No, I am not pregnant!) And honestly, anyone reading this either already knows or really doesn't care. haha. Anyway- how to sum up the past month... Well... It went from high 80's to now 50's and getting into the 20's at night! CRAZY! Michael and I are doing well.. We had fun at a Halloween party on the Friday before Halloween. It was so nice to actually have Michael join the party! Kendra, Mom and I went to see Billy Elliot at the DPAC. It was so good. Michael got his first deer with his bow. I'm not ok with it, but he has fun, so whatever. I got some new work clothes at J-Crew. I got about $400.00 worth for only $120.00. Yes, I love a sale. The tanger outlets opened too. I cannot wait to go. I have done a couple of photo shoots and have had a blast. I cannot wait to do some more. I'm doing one next weekend. Thankfully my father in law has allowed me to borrow his camera again. Only about a month until I get my own! Yay. I am so ready for that D5000! Can you believe how close Christmas is? Wow. We went to Charlotte yesterday for Lilly's baptism. It was definitely nice. Not what I am used to, being that I am not Catholic, but it was interesting and an experience. I am glad everything turned out so nicely. It was very nice to see everyone. Right now I am making pumpkin bread and watching DWTS. I have been sick for a while now... hopefully I can get rid of this silly cold. Anyway... I know this is the most random and boring post I think I have ever written... sorry.

Let go laughing!!! !~


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